the Nordic Yacht Club

To have your own yacht offers the most luxurious and exclusive activities, and also the most expensive. And don't forget the time involved just to administer everything from Crew to Moorings to Maintenance etc etc.

The Nordic Yacht Club is established with the ambition to give the yachtsman all the benefits involved in owning a yacht. This by taking the responsibility and management of the yacht and to share the costs and use with other exclusive members of the Club. Just enjoy!

The Nordic Yacht Club is based on the Isle of Man, with Scandinavian management, a favourable spot for this unique operation. But remember that the fully equipped yacht is based on Côte d´ Azur with short distances to numerous exciting ports of call!

To serve you the Nordic Yacht Club will offer a Concierge Service to assist with transportation, hotel bookings, activities, etc. Whatever you will require in connection with your trip.