the exclusive membership

The Nordic Yacht Club members have a serious yachting interest and will be part of a unique, small and exclusive club of yachtsmen. Members also have a longer participation perspective of at least five years, even if this can change and a member may wish to leave the Club sooner.

An enrolment fee and a yearly membership fee will allow the member at least 3 weeks on board the yacht each year, for 5 years.

The membership fee covers insurance, moorings in the home marina, full time crew, maintenance incl any repairs, cleaning etc.

The only extras are fuel, mooring fees when not at home, food & beverages, any taxes or duties and communication.

In case a member is not able to use the yacht any of the weeks, the member can let the Club charter the yacht and by so doing, a substantial income could be credited to the members account.

The Nordic Yacht Club cooperates with one of the most reputable international agencies to secure successful charters for our members.

Information will be given continuously about the yacht and the club. The membership will also give access to other interesting activities.

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