the deal

This concept is an ideal solution for the yachtsman who wants to enjoy yacht ownership but desires less responsibility and doesn't want the hassle and expense of traditional ownership.

After the 5 year term, a guaranteed percentage of your enrolment fee is returned.

This is for the yachtsman who doesn't have time or the desire to stay on his yacht for longer periods. But will feel at home upon arrival as all personal belongings are already in place onboard, including swimsuits, towels and the favourite wine.

The member will appreciate the same attentive crew as last time, he/she will pay less and avoid spending hours searching for a yacht to charter, still not knowing if the chartered yacht is in acceptable condition.

By becoming a member in Nordic Yacht Club you will share the yacht and costs.

Nordic Yacht Club will manage the yacht and as it will be crewed and serviced year round, it will be kept in mint condition, inside and out.