the advantage

Many of us have not even considered the option. Maybe it is too amazing, even to the few who actually can afford it.

  • How do I actually purchase a 20m Yacht?
  • Is it even possible to find a berth for a Yacht these days?
  • How much does a good Crew cost? What if the Captain gets ill 2 days before our arrival?
  • Who is handling cleaning & maintenance when I don't use the Yacht?
  • How much does the Yacht depreciate in value each year?

These and other questions make many people hesitate and therefore their big dream may not be realised. BUT, if you could find a problem-free solution, at a reasonable cost, wouldn't it be interesting?

As you already figured out, Nordic Yacht Club is that solution!

  • Nordic Yacht Club purchases a Fairline Squadron 68
  • 4 guest cabins for 8 guests. Separate cabin for the Crew.
  • A maximum of 8 carefully selected members can use the Yacht in the Med 3 weeks per annum during the season (April-September)
  • After 5 years, a guaranteed "resale value" is returned to each member.

Nordic Yacht Club will make sure you feel "at home" as soon as you board the Yacht. Personal belongings can be left onboard and in time for your next sea journey, these belongings are put back in place!

"Your Crew" will welcome you back, and if you decide not to use the Squadron 68 in, let's say, July - the same Crew will take care of her on a daily basis whether you have her chartered or not.

In summary, Nordic Yacht Club offers a financially sound, tax efficient and discreet way to enjoy The Yachting World!

Some call it Smart, others Irresistible!